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NVMBC Staff Members 
Mr. Fountain is the Chief Executive and Operating Officer and former Project Director of the NMBEC (2007-2008). Mr. Fountain allocates his time by providing business consulting services in the areas of contracting, finance, loan structuring, business planning, marketing and accounting. He has over 34 years of hands on experience in banking, finance, marketing, accounting and procurement.  He has been responsible for the day to day operations of NVCDC since 1989 when he left that position with NEDCO. He is the former President and founder of Enterprise community Federal Credit Union and owner of the first black Texaco convenience store in Las Vegas.  He currently sits on many local boards dealing with economics, finance and procurement. He has a Masters, Bachelors and Associates in business, banking and finance.
Ms. Ragland is a Business Consultant and is the current Project Director of the MBDA Business Center of Las Vegas and the former Project Director of the NMBEC (2008-2010), she has been with the firm for 21 years and has performed duties in every facet of the company. She also served as the Servicing and Closing Officer prior to her transition as Senior Loan Officer with NVCDC, whereby her extensive experience and knowledge in 504 and 7(a) lending is integrated and utilized to help build the minority business sector in the State of Nevada. She is responsible for packaging for both the commercial lenders and the Small Business Administration  and is responsible for interviewing clients, meeting with lenders, coordinating workshops and marketing with the our affiliates. 
Ms. Fountain is the Assistant Project Director and Operations Manager, she has been with the firm for 15 years and is the Closing Officer for NVCDC. She has been cross trained to package and maintain files as well as being responsible for inputting into the MBDA CRM system. She is also responsible for maintaining the current computer networking system, consisting of the server and workstations. Ms. Fountain has completed courses in Real Estate Law and Principles at Community College of Southern Nevada, as well as Business Administration courses from University of Phoenix.   
Mr. Gutcher is the Financial Analyst and been with the NMBEC for 8 years, he has 4 years experience in the residential mortgage field. He has been a commercial loan officer analyzing and packaging loan request for both 504 and 7(a). He is directly involved in business plan development, market research, preparation of projections, franchise development and has been the conference workshop coordinator for the last 1 1/2 years. Mr. Gutcher has attended training with Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in association with the Minority Business Development Agency.

Ernest M. Fountain
Operator / Business Consultant 

Ernest M. Fountain - Operator:  ernest.fountain@lasvegasmbdacenter.com

Vershaun D. Ragland - Project Director:  v.ragland@lasvegasmbdacenter.com

James "Christopher" Gutcher - Loan & Business Consultant :  chris.gutcher@lasvegasmbdacenter.com

Halisha Fountain - Operations Manager:  hfountain@lasvegasmbdacenter.com 
Vershaun D. Ragland
Project Director 
James "Christopher" Gutcher
Loan & Business Consultant  
Halisha Fountain 
Operations Manager